1428: Shadows over Silesia (2022) is a dark action adventure game with fantasy elements set in real medieval Europe. With true historical events in the background, you’ll be facing intricate puzzles, challenging battles and cunning stealth.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by ndck76 for latest game version 1.0.18+. This file includes 13 different options like unlimited energy, maximum damage, maximum health and more.

Table +13 (v1.0.18) by ndck76.


• Immortal
• Infinite Health
• Infinite Energy
• Super Movement Speed
• Super Damage
• Super Attack Range
• Unlimited Inventory
• No Inventory Weight
• Player Status Manager
• Player Character Movement
• Player Character Equip
• Player Character Combat
• Player Character Interaction
• and more…

Download (18.2 Kb)