Barotrauma (2023) is a 2D co-op submarine simulator – in space, with survival horror and RPG elements. Steer your submarine, complete missions, fight monsters, fix leaks, operate machinery, man the guns and craft items, and stay alert: danger in Barotrauma doesn’t announce itself!

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by BabyGroot for latest game version This file includes 9 different options like unlimited oxygen, infinite ammo, infinite money and more.

Table +9 (v1.0.8.0) by BabyGroot.


• Infinite Health
• Infinite Money
• Infinite Crew Oxygen
• Submarine Godmode
• Godmode (Crew)
• Unlimited Tools Tank
• Unlimited Air Quality
• Unlimited Turret Ammo
• No Turret Cooldown
• and more…