Dream Cycle (2022) is a fully procedural action adventure by Lara Croft’s creator Toby Gard. Take the role of modern-day arcanist Morgan Carter and walk the planes of the Dreamlands, a twisted dimension where the souls of the living are trapped in eternal nightmare.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by ndck76 for latest game version 2.0.13+. This file includes 11 different options like unlimited mana, one hit kills, unlimited health and more. Trainer by GreenHouse also available!

Trainer +9 (v2.0.13) by GreenHouse.


• F1 – Unlimited Health
• F2 – Unlimited Mana
• F3 – Massive Damage
• F4 – Unlimited Resources
• F5 – Unlimited Gold
• F6 – Unlimited Current Level
• F7 – Unlimited Current Experience
• F8 – Unlimited Perk Points
• F9 – Unlimited Ammo

Download (75 Kb)

Table +11 (v2.0.13) by ndck76.

List of options:

• Infinite Health
• Infinite Stamina
• Infinite Mana
• Maximum Damage
• 1 Billion Currency/Elements
• Change Player Stats
• Base Character Info
• Attribute Set
• Movement Component
• Controller
• Incoming Equip Reference

Download (20.3 Kb)