Ember Knights (2022) is an action rogue-lite for 1-4 players where you play as legendary knights, the last spark of hope against the mad sorcerer Praxis and his hordes of unwavering fiends. Wield weapons & skills, build synergies with game-changing relics and free the universe of Praxis’ corruption.

Trainer developed by Abolfazl.K for latest game version 0.5.0 + weapon customization update and includes six cheat options that helps you beat the game. For example, unlimited health, unlimited gems, infinite gold and more. Also you can use cheat engine table by ColonelRVH.

Trainer +6 (v0.5.0) by Abolfazl.K.


  • Num 1 – Infinite Health
  • Num 2 – Maximum Health
  • Num 3 – Infinite Gold
  • Num 4 – Infinite Gems
  • Num 5 – Infinite Time
  • Num 6 – No Enemies
Download (2.7 Mb)

Table +7 (v0.5.0) by ColonelRVH.

List of options:

• Infinite Money
• Get Health Address
• Infinite Health
• Fast Kills
• Unlimited Ability Charges
• Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
• Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)

Download (5.6 Kb)