Genshin Impact (2022) is a free-to-play action-adventure RPG where you play a vague and mysterious “traveler” from another world who arrives in the land of Teyvat before being attacked by a sorceress or God or…something, and your twin is captured.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by Strigger for latest game version 3.1 Update+. This file includes twenty three different options like unlimited health, maximum stamina, one hit kills, instant bow and more.

Table +23 (v3.1) by Strigger.


• Chest ESP
• Hp Bar & Level
• Player
• Always Elemental Sight
• Damage Multiplier
• Double Attack
• God Mode
• Gravity
• No Skill Cooldown & Instant Burst
• Player Coordinates
• Rapid Fire
• Stats Multiplier (or/and damage)
• Unlimited Stamina
• Walk Speed (Change Character)
• World
• Friendly Mob
• Instant Kill Mob
• Loot Range
• Unlock FPS
• Instant Bow
• and more…

Download (15.3 Kb)