Kingdom Rush Vengeance Primal Ravage (2022) is a popular tower defence game. Face empires of mighty enemies. Clash against supreme bosses, unlocking and switching to new towers. Train legendary heroes and get all the achievements using your strategy in this amazing TD game.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by ColonelRVH for latest game version This file includes seven different options like no skills cooldown, unlimited gold, God mode and more. Trainer will be available soon!

Table +7 (v1.14.3.0) by ColonelRVH.


• Infinite Gold
• Infinite Upgrade Points
• No Hero Skill Points Requirement
• Infinite Base HP
• No Skill Cooldown
• Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break)
• Speedhack (Ctrl+/Ctrl-)
• and more…

Download (23.6 Kb)