Skinwalker Hunt (2022) is a horror themed hunting game from the creator of Witch Hunt. Main focus of the game is on exploration, non-linear gameplay, and atmosphere.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by ndck76 for latest game version 1.003+. This file includes 15 different options like maximum health, super Speed, maximum damage and more.

Table +15 (v1.003) by ndck76.

List of options:

• Infinite Health
• Infinite Hunger Points
• Infinite Thirst Points
• Infinite Ammo
• Mega Damage
• Max Walk Speed
• Infinite Inventory Usage
• FPS Player
• Weapon Behavior Component
• Iron Sights Component
• Walker Component
• Footsteps Component
• Mouse Look Component
• etc…

Download (19.2 Kb)