Slime Rancher 2 (2022) is a sequel to the award-winning, smash-hit original that has been enjoyed by over 15 million fans worldwide. As Beatrix attempts to unravel the island’s secrets and uncover its true purpose, she’ll build, ranch, and farm within a beautiful conservatory, whose sparkling glass walls give her full view of the prismatic paradise she now calls home.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by ColonelRVH for latest game version 0.1.1+. This file includes fifteen different options like infinite energy, maximum health, unlimited NewBucks and more.

Table +11 (v0.1.1) by ColonelRVH.


• Infinite NewBucks
• Infinite Slot Capacity
• Multiply Sprint Speed
• Get Jump Data
• Maximum Health Points
• Maximum Energy
• Never Increase Radiation
• Item Never Decrease On Shoot
• Disable Fabricator Item Requirement
• Get World Time
• Time Stop
• 5+ Pointers
• Force Pause
• Speedhack
• and more…

Download (9.2 Kb)