Soulstone Survivors: Prologue (2022) is the free version of Soulstone Survivors, an action roguelite where you slay hordes of foes and face titanic bosses while learning powerful skills to enhance your character.

On this page you can download cheat engine table developed by BabyGroot for latest game version 0.6.021e+. This file includes 17 different options like mega health, one hit kill, infinite soulstones and more.

Table +17 (v0.6.021e) by BabyGroot.


• Infinite Health
• Maximum Walk Speed
• Infinite Skills
• No Skill Cooldown
• Infinite Experience
• Infinite Rerolls
• Infinite Minor Soulstones
• Infinite Corrupted Soulstones
• Infinite Vile Soulstones
• Infinite Wicked Soulstones
• Infinite Hateful Soulstones
• Infinite Rogue Soulstones
• Infinite Items
• Max Crit Chance
• Super Damage / Easy Kill
• and more…

Download (5 Kb)