Terra Ventura (2022) is a classic style action RPG combined with modern, streamlined sub-systems; random loot, skill tree paths, player development and character customization. Push your way through the handcrafted maps using real time combat or acquired skills.

Trainer developed by Abolfazl.K for latest game version 1.0+ and includes five cheat options that helps you beat the game. For example, unlimited health, maximum sramina and more.

Trainer +5 (v1.0) by Abolfazl.K.


  • Numpad 1 – Activation Hotkey
  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Health
  • Numpad 1 – Infinite Stamina
  • Numpad 1 – Maximum Health
  • Numpad 1 – Maximum Stamina
Download (2.7 Mb)