The Chant (2022) is a horror-action-adventure game that will take you on a truly harrowing journey. You’ll find yourself stranded on a remote spiritual island retreat, where you’ll have to fight for your life against the psychedelic horrors that have been unleashed.

Trainer developed by PLITCH for latest game version 1.0+ steam release and includes twelve cheat options that helps you beat the game. For example, maximum movement speed, unlimited mind, infinite spirit and more.

Trainer +12 (v1.0) by PLITCH.

List of Options:

  • [x] – Increase movement speed
  • [x] – Decrease movement speed
  • [x] – Regular movement speed
  • [x] – Refill Mind
  • [x] – Low Mind
  • [x] – Always full Mind
  • [x] – Refill Body
  • [x] – Low Body
  • [x] – Always full Body
  • [x] – Refill Spirit
  • [x] – Low Spirit
  • [x] – Always full Spirit
Download (77 Mb)