The Dragoness: Command of the Flame (2022) is a HOMM-inspired adventure with a roguelite twist. Embarking on an epic quest across the Drairthir Peninsula – a land ravaged by warring factions of Dragons – you take the role of a Commander, recruited by The Dragoness, in her bid to conquer and bring peace to the world.

Trainer developed by PLITCH for latest game version 1.0.53423+ and includes five cheat options that helps you beat the game. For example, infinite action points, one hit kills, unlimited mana and more.

Trainer +5 (v1.0.53423) by PLITCH.


  • [x] – Activate God mode
  • [x] – Infinite Mana
  • [x] – InfiniteFood Rations
  • [x] – Infinite Movement Points
  • [x] – Super Damage / Easy Kills
Download (77 Mb)