Tinykin (2022) is a 3D platformer and certified little guy game developed by Splashteam. In the game, you play as archaeologist and researcher Milodane, who ventures away from his home planet and finds himself in a 90’s household. The thing is, he’s just a little guy surrounded by funny bugs. And then there’s the Tinykin themselves.

Trainer developed by PLITCH for latest game version 1.0.8+ and includes 12 cheat options that helps you beat the game. For example, super movement speed, maximum jump, unlimited bubbles and more.

Trainer +12 (v1.0.8) by PLITCH.


  • [x] – Add movement speed
  • [x] – Decrease movement speed
  • [x] – Regular movement speed
  • [x] – No sinking while gliding
  • [x] – Is sinking while gliding
  • [x] – Add Bubbles
  • [x] – Decrease Bubbles
  • [x] – Reset Bubbles to 1
  • [x] – Add jump height
  • [x] – Decrease jump height
  • [x] – Default jump height
Download (77 Mb)